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The patented Intellirod™ System3 includes a titanium/zirconia ceramic, strain sensing device, which includes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, intended to enable access to strain measurement values, incorporating a passive transponder, inserter and scanner. The transponder attaches to any commercially available, corrective spinal system using 5.5 mm cobalt chrome or titanium alloy rods in corrective spinal surgeries. The transponder is used only to acquire rod strain values and a unique device identification code, which is read by the scanner, providing objective readings of the mechanical strain during the correction to be used in conjunction with standard of care clinical and radiographic assessments.

Schematic of Reader-Sensor System

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Intellirod Spine™ (formerly OrthoData Inc.) was founded by renowned spine surgeon Rolando M. Puno, M.D. and professors from the University of Louisville. The company is developing a wireless implantable microelectronic spinal rod strain sensor. This innovative strain monitoring system will allow spine surgeons to objectively assess the strain on implanted spinal fusion rods.


The difficulty in detecting bone growth
after spine fusion is a known challenge.


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